Why Are These Courses Important?

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We simplify real world topics into a fun and interactive experience

Benefits Of These Course

These courses are created to support your child's e-learning efforts. Our courses consist of LIFE PREPARATION topics that are not a part of the normal school curriculum, but NECESSARY for LIFE.

  • Lessons that are independently and easily operated by students.

  • Engaging lessons which include, videos reinforcement, fun games, & activities

  • A course catalog that is continuously growing with relevant topics

  • Easily accessible on child's phone, iPad, and computer

  • Courses for all grade-levels (coming soon)


Student Feedback

Some of our students shared their feedback on our Entrepreneurship course after they just presented to our "Shark Tank" panel.

Advantages Of Our Course

Our experience working with schools, students and parents has given us an advantage over our competition.

  • Our experience providing educational services to over 10k students and parents

  • These course have similar content to what we teach students enrolled in the Science & Technology Entry Program citywide

  • Industry professionals bringing you over 20years of experience to your child

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