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Schools & Education Institutions

We are New York State certified Minority/Women Business Enterprise (M/WBE), New York State Dept. of Education and Nassau BOCES approved vendor. Our courses were created with the intent to assist teachers in their remote learning efforts.

  • Hybrid Courses (In-person & Virtual)

  • 100% Virtual Courses (Synchronous & Asynchronous Format)

  • Individual Log-in & Progress Reports

  • Aligned with State Learning Standards

  • Pre & Post Assessment

  • Completion Certificate

  • A Mental, Social, and Emotional Space for Academic Learning to Occur

Try Our Financial Literacy Course

This money management course for Middle Schooler will provide them with the base knowledge they need to handle money.

Administrator's Testimonials

School educators explains how our method of teaching students and parent are not only informative, but fun and interactive for each group.


  • How many students can you service at a time?

    We are able to service your entire district or just your class, it is up to you.

  • What happens if the student didn't finish the lesson for that day?

    No worries... Students are able to log into their profile to pick-up right where they left off at any time.

  • Can students jump ahead or skip through lessons?

    No... Students must complete each lesson in the course and are not allowed to skip through any of the lessons. Only upon completion of all lessons would they be able to get their certificate for that course.

  • Would the teach be able to track students progress?

    Yes... We can provide you with a progress report. Our systems track if your students completed the lesson, if they watched the videos in the lesson, and how well they are doing in the course.





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